With more than 40 years of experience in fiber reinforced plastics sector and state of the art knowledge we are confident that we can carry out any mould and plug making task.

Our managing team has a very long tradition in polymers and composites. Our dedication and expertise in fiber reinforced plastics, lasting for two generations, guaranties best practice in plug, mould, prototype and model manufacture.

We combine modern equipment, vertical production and know-how. The result is versatility, adjustment to customers’ requirements and products of excellent quality at very competitive prices.

  • We can “read” and process any type of 3D-model and manufacture one-piece or multiple-piece plugs and moulds of any kind.
  • We can reverse engineer existing items (3D scanning → conversion to CAD → modification, f.i. scale-up etc. according to your requirements → making of the new item by CNC milling).
  • We can adjust material formulations and combinations at all stages of plug and mould manufacture, in order to satisfy the specific requirements of your project and to optimize properties and performance.

Our experienced team of scientists and engineers (chemical engineers, chemists and mechanical engineers), with deep knowledge and specialty in GRP and proficiency in CAD/CAM/CAE, will discuss your projects thoroughly and come up with the best solutions.