Our mission is to be the best plug and mould manufacturer for GRP business, with products of high and consistent quality, innovative solutions to technical challenges, quick and timely deliveries and all the above at the best price in the market.

Our goal is to offer real value for money to our customers, by making for them plugs, prototypes, models and moulds that combine :

  • High Quality

We manufacture moulds and plugs of excellent quality and we can easily materialize designs of big size and complex geometry.

Our plugs combine high precision with the desirable surface finish according to our customers’ requirements.

Our moulds are accurate, strong and robust, suitable for long production runs and made of the best raw material chemistry in the market.

  • Best Price

Our quality is combined with the best price in the market.

Our competitiveness has been successfully put to the test.

Ask for an offer to find out by yourselves!

  • Short Delivery Times

We always achieve quick and timely deliveries, reducing “time to market” for our customers.

We have a remarkable track record of complying to “impossible” delivery schedules.

At the beginning of each project we agree the corresponding project plan with our customers.

Progress is monitored by weekly updated reports including photos, and by scheduled visits and meetings when necessary.

  • Flexibility and Creativity

No project in fiber reinforced plastics plug and mould making is identical to the others. We approach every single application with flexibility and creativity.

With long experience and deep knowledge in composites and CAD/CAM we will give our best to analyze your project thoroughly, tackle any technical issues that may arise and find the most suitable, fastest and economic solution for making your moulds and plugs.

“We do it for years, we do it well and we love it”